Fond du Lac area boy shot arrow - adult charges?

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I have read a few stories about the 16 year old boy who apparently was shooting his bow & arrow in city limits & hit a neighborhood girl with the arrow. She was treated and released now.

I understand that the boy should not have been shooting the arrow in town, but I just don't see that there is enough of a reason to be charging him as an adult? It hasn't sounded to me like he did this on purpose, according to what I read, he was shooting at squirrels in trees.

So, instead of treating it like a childish mishap, the prosecution is petitioning to charge him as an adult. The kid will then have to deal with this being on his record for the rest of his adult life. Is it really reasonable to do that?

When he was young, my brother was shot in the mouth by a BB and it chipped his front tooth. The shooter was a neighborhood kid that was messing around with his BB gun. My parents sued the boys parents for the dental bill but that was it (I don't even think they received any money). The boy didn't get in any trouble. That was probably about 30 years ago or so. Boy have things changed.

Maybe there is more to this story than I have read or maybe I am missing some major points, but, I can't see the sense behind charging him as an adult.

*******************Update 08.01.2012******************

According to news reports, the boy will be charged as an adult. You can find the news report here -

*******************Update 12.17.2012******************

The man received a sentence of 3 years probation with community service. Full story here:

*******************Update 01.05.2013******************

You can see his mugshot here: Casey Bennett mugshot


I think too many young people are charged as adults nowadays. Young people do stupid things, period. They aren't mature enough to do the right thing, so they do things that they shouldn't, even if they know better. It is what being a juvenile is all about - growing up.
I think the kid has learned his lesson and charging him as adult isn't what I would do.
Kids need punishment! Parents just spoil them and the whole generation is a bunch of lazy slackers who think everything should be handed to them!
yes they need punishment, but, i don't think jail time or a permanent record is necessary for this kid

I am glad to see that they just gave him probation and not jail time. I believe it was really an accident.

Casey Bennett should have gotten a harder sentence, this is total crap in my opinion! He could have easily killed that girl.

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