Expelling students for drugs, is it the answer?

The expelling of students in the Fond du Lac schools seems like a reasonable resolution for the problem of drug dealers, BUT, what does it do to those kids? As the Country is learning, criminal charges against people for drugs is not the answer. It does not change anything, it does not help anyone. All that happens is those persons do their time, get out of jail and go back to doing what they were doing, dealing and doing drugs. So, that should certainly be looked at with juveniles, in my opinion more so than with adults. These kids need guidance, help, and EDUCATION. They need to learn as early as possible that drugs are not the way to go in life. If you expel them, okay, but, MAKE them go elsewhere to receive an education. Is there a technical school or some kind of alternate school that they can attend? If so, MAKE them go to it, and the courts should MAKE them graduate. You can read the original article on this topic here: http://www.fdlreporter.com/article/20130116/FON0101/301160089/6-students...


I agree, but, I think expelling them is the right thing to do since an example is then set for others that it is wrong, especially in schools! Getting them some help is definitely the way to go...

Look to the parents, that is usually where the issues start, sad but true.

no, i got expelled from Theisen Middle School in the Eighth Grade for giving out prescription medication and being expelled did not help me at the time it just got me out of school for a while and I really didnt mind not going I enjoyed it, I had an irresponsible parent and a lot of parents are like that these days they dont give a crap, which is pretty sad but very true, NO OFFENSE TO PARENTS WHO DO GIVE A CRAP and are reading this, it has now been like 4 or five years since i got expelled and it took me going to a juvenile correctional facility to earn my diploma getting out of school just gave me more time to use drugs and become more manipulative, just saying.

i hope that you are on the right track now destinee. It is unfortunate how these things happen.
I agree that expelling the students should only be part of the resolution.

It sounds like the juvie facility was good for you, at least you got a diploma there.
There are a lot of parents out there that shouldnt even be parents!

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