Recent Wisconsin Court Records

Fond du Lac County Criminal Felony Charges

----Some MUGSHOTS have been added----
Brittany Dyer - 2nd Degree Recklessly Endangering Safety & more - 10/24
Alonzo Cornelius - 1st Reckless Homicide by Delivering Drugs & more - 10/23
Marcus Britton - Felon Possess Firearm & more - 10/23
Yosayf Smith - Battery by Prisoners & more - 10/23
Rachel Riemer - Child Abuse & more - 10/23

Fond du Lac County Sheriff Warrant List (pdf format)


Expelling students for drugs, is it the answer?

The expelling of students in the Fond du Lac schools seems like a reasonable resolution for the problem of drug dealers, BUT, what does it do to those kids?

Fond du Lac area boy shot arrow - adult charges?

I have read a few stories about the 16 year old boy who apparently was shooting his bow & arrow in city limits & hit a neighborhood girl with the arrow. She was treated and released now.

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